Regione Piemonte support the project SAN SALVARIO DISTRICT – FASHION ART which will take place in spring 2016.

The history of Piedmont is rich in links to fashion and craftsmanship.

The city of Turin played an important role in this history : at the beginning of the 20th century it was the capital of Italian fashion design and tailoring, in fact the banks of the Po were lined with numerous tailor’s workshops and the nearness to France enabled much exchange and collaboration within the sector.

Not by chance was Turin the home of SAMIA, the first fashion exhibition in Italy , the “Salone della Moda”. The city was also home to some of the most important Italian fashion houses, an influence seen today in the powerful presence of fashion companies which figure among principal European producers in terms of turnover.

Therefore, with one eye on past tradition and another on future innovation, it has been decided to showcase Italian and foreign talent and creativity via the new trends in art, fashion and design and to bring artists and designers together to compare themselves in an exchange of creative languages.

In an uncertain world of financial and geopolitical instability the combination of art, fashion and handcraft constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for civil, economic and employment progress that finds its roots in the vocation to research upon the Sistema Italia is based.

San Salvario was chosen for its wealth of cultural stimuli and many shades of human experience, an area of the city home to successive waves of immigration, first from the South of Italy and then from the South of the world.

An area with numerous small businesses, shops and workshops, and hotels and restaurants of many kinds. Here three religions and their temples coexist : the Catholic and the Valdesian Protestant churches, the synagogue and the mosque.

A multiethnic zone which has grown and changed with the times, undergoing a positive transformation for those very reasons which may have held it back.

The project SAN SALVARIO DISTRICT – FASHION ART wants to bring this transformation to the wider public and proposes San Salvario as one unique showcase of art, fashion and design.

The exhibition will take place over five days from 30th March to 3rd April 2016 and involves:

  • Art Galleries
  • Boutiques
  • Bars
  • Architect’s studios
  • Courtyards
  • Piazza Madama Cristina
  • Residenza Temporanea Luoghi Comuni San Salvario
  • Piazza Saluzzo
  • La Casa del quartiere
  • Biblioteca Ginzburg-Lombroso 16
  • Other institutional places

These spaces will become exhibition and selling spaces for participating artists, fashion designers and crafters.

A part of shares will go to support the Foundation FARO, the non-profit foundation which takes care of the terminally ill in Turin and Province.

The project will be supported by

  • Regione Piemonte

and will have sponsorship from :

  • Città di Torino
  • Città Metropolitana di Torino
  • La Circonscription 8
  • Le CNA
  • Lombroso16
  • Biblioteche Civiche Torinesi
  • Casa del Quartiere